A collection of all the material out of production, available through the years in the TSR website. But here all the files have all the images really needed and are all files zipped, so they are smaller than the original ones.



U1-The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh (514 KB di Txt e GIF)

U2-Danger at Dunwater (557 KB di Txt e JPG)

U3-The Final Enemy (313 KB di RTF e GIF)

I3 - Pharaoh (881 Kb di Doc Gif e JPG)

I4 - Oasis Of The White Palm (797 Kb di Doc Gif e Jpg)

I5 - Lost Tomb of Martek (1,11 Mb di Doc Gif e Jpg)

WG4 - The Forgotten temple of Tharidzun (532 kb di Html e Gif)

I2 - Tomb of the lizard King (753 kb di Doc e Gif)

I11 - Needle (338 kb di Txt e Gif)

L1 - The secret of bone Hill (404 kb di Rtf e Gif)

N3 - Destiny of Kings (311 Kb di Doc e Gif)

Q1 - Queen of Demonweb Pits (416 Kb diRtf e Gif)

B3 - Palace of the Silver Princess (2,17 MB di Pdf)

Ivid the Undying (950 Kb)



RQ1-Night of Walking Dead (451 Kb di Doc e GIF)

RA3-Touch of Death (516 Kb di Doc e Gif)

RA1-Feast of Goblyns ( 1,49 Mb di Rtf e Gif)

RA2- Ship of horrors (1,46 Mb di Rtf, Gif e Jpg)

RQ3 - From the Shadows (1,33 Mb di Rtf e Gif)

RM1- Roots of Evil (487 Kb di Doc e Gif)



Muden (201 Kb)



The Will and The Way (132 KB of RTF)

The Complete Castle Guide (509 KB of Gif e ASCII)

Legends & Lore (2nd Edition) (266 KB of DOC)

AD&D Fast Play Rules (518 KB di PDF)

Domains Of Dread (chapter 1) (4 MB di PDF)



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