These are some links very useful for the material presented. For an italian list you must go back and enter in the italian section.


The Kargatane

The only one official site of Ravenloft. it contains netbooks, adventures, and a bunch of other links

The Mordent Cartographic Society

A lot of maps from the Demiplane of Dread (you can use it for your campaigns)

Peta AD&D Page

One of the biggest resources on the web. The archives contain a lot of useful material for a DM

Forgotten Scripts

A long excursus about written, languages (real or not) and how you can import them in your fantasy world. A lot of Fonts also!

J.R.R. Tolkien Information Page

This is your starting point to know all about the father of modern fantasy

Old Tavern Tales

Beautiful site, developed by a lot of writters of TSR.

Giga Archive

In this huge archive you can find hundreds of resources free to download (some link doesn't work properly)

Irony Software

Irony software develops programs for the DM. You can find generators of ALL: houses, Dungeons, Maps, treasures...

Casus Belli

This is the site of one of the ancient magazines of RPG. In Franch.

The Eye of the Fly

A lot of free material and useful links

Terres Mithiques

A beautiful site with stories, adventure plots, and a nice graphic, even if too heavy. For franch talkers.

Grayhawk, The land of Oerth

All you want to know about Grayhawk, the gem of the Flanaess is here

The Flat Earth

A very interesting site, full of resources for the DM. The most of the resources works only online

The Encyclopedia of Arda

A site about Middle-Earth that is a neverendig well about the topic. Yaou can do searches by keywords or by topic.

The Official Birthright Fan Website

Mystara - The D&D official Homepage

Spelljammer: Beyond the Moons

The Burnt Word of Athas

The Official Planescape Page

These are the official sites supported by Wizards of the Coast. These campaigns are off production but you can find upgraded material even from their creators.



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