Inauguriamo la pagina delle FAQ, ovvero le risposte alle domande più comuni che solitamente ci vengono rivolte via e-mail. Ormai credo che ne abbiamo abbastanza per scrivere qualcosina.

Generic Questions:

I created a new website about AD&D, can you insert it in your link list?

For sure! You can send us the URL and a short description of your site. We will visit it and then we'll insert it in the next upgrade

I found a broken link on your site, can I show it to you?

You MUST! We'll manage to ripristinate it in the shortest time!.


Technical questions:


I don't have Microsoft Word installed, how can I deal with the .doc documents?

IThe format .doc should be supported by almost all the text reader, however, here is a link to the Miscrosoft web site. It is a free viewer for .doc files: http://support.microsoft.com/download/support/mslfiles/WD97VW32.EXE

How can i see the files with the extension .PDF?

The PDF (portable document format) format is copyrighted by Adobe and can be viewed with the apposite program Acrobat reader. You can download it from this address: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html

Wich kind of extension .CDR is? How can I read it?

This is the extension for the Corel draw Files. We don't know any free viewer for this kind of file even if a lot of Graphic programs have this extension supported.

I downloaded some programs from the download section, but during the installation the Windows tells me that the XXX lybrary or the YYY dll is needed. What I have to do?

Some programs written with the Visual Basic need a Dynamic library to properly work. But not all this libraries are provided with the program and they must be downloaded from the Microsoft site. We have the following ddl that must resolve any problem. After the dowloading you must copy them in the Windows/System folder:




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