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Net Books

Net Plots (295 KB of txt)

Here are 6 plots for yours adventures. These are in a particular format that seems like HTML

Net Psionic Book (132 Kb di DOC)

Author: Charon The Boatman

This book deals with psionics and adds a lot of devotions

The Net Monstrous Compendium V2 (212 Kb di doc)


This book contains a lot of new monsters. I would give a look!

Net Libram of Wild Magic (78 KB of DOC)

Author: Marc Sherman

An handbook of magic that contains a number of new spells.

The Vampire and vampirism netbook (28 KB of doc)

Author: I. Marc Carlson

This one is better than the Van Richten's guides.

Net Classes & Kits Tome 1 (204 KB of Doc)

Net Classes & Kits Tome 2 (151 KB of Doc)

Author: Sébastien Martin

An infinite resource of particular classies and kits

The Great Net Pantheon Book (86 KB of txt)

Author: Steven R. Hamby

If you need a particular Deity for your campaign. Here it is!

Book of Souls (711 KB di Doc)

Author: The Kargatane

This is a great book for Ravenloft

The Great Net Prayerbook ( 181 Kb di txt)

Author: Boudewijn Wayers

If you are looking for some particular clerical spell...

Book of Sorrows (662 Kb di doc)

Author: The Kargatane

This follows the Book of Souls..

Haunted Sites (357 Kb di Doc)

Author: The Kargatane

This netbook follows a contest appeared in Dragon magazine time ago. it deals with hounted houses and bloody places

Terrors From Above (275 Kb di Doc)

Author: The Kargatane

This one contains a lot of new creatures for Ravenloft

The Forgotten Children (196 Kb di Doc)

Author: The Kargatane

This is a compilation of short stories of sadness, just to give a breath of life in your Ravenloft Campaigns

Unearthed Arcania (260 Kb di Doc)

Author: The Arcanium

A book with a lot of new rules (well balanced). They cover almost every trouble in AD&D end there is a prefaction of Gary Gygax.

Liber Ivonis (103 Kb di Pdf)

Author: Johnn Cunningham

A lot of ideas taken from the esotheric world

The Small Net Spellbook (216 Kb di Doc)

Author: Boudewijn Wayers

A small book of magic with a lot of spells

Knights of Takhisis (80 Kb di Pdf)

A book about the black knights of dragonlance. Rules, tables etc..

The Guide to Herbs (107 Kb di Doc)

Author: Shaun hately - pagina

A useful giude to herbs. A valuable aid for a master.

S&P Psionic Handbook (28 Kb di HTML)

Author: Pscion

Here they try to limitate the rules from the S&P handbook

Net Tome of Magik (67 Kb di Txt)

Author: Robert A. Hayda

New spells

Net Wizard Handbook (155 Kb di Doc)

Author: Jim Gitzlaff

This is a book for the lovers of mages and magic.

NetBook of Demons (160 Kb di Doc)

Ever wanted to know all the daemons ?

The Mystara Netbook (448 Kb di doc)

Author: Matrix- Estlor Cestrium

All you want to know about Mystara is in this book

The Al-Qadim Netbook (49 Kb di doc)

Author: Hassan Smoothfeather

The magic of Al-Qadim lives in this book

The Forgotten Realms Compendium (523 Kb di doc)

Author: Perry C. Horner

This netbook should contain all about the Forgotten realms.

Netbook of Armours (39 Kb di Doc)

Author: Hugo Chesshire

Here are the descriptions of tons of armors. An useful add-on for your campaigns

Arms & Armours (49,3 Kb di Doc)

Author: Rhianne Tar-Brynn

This one deals with weapons too

The Gallery of Magical Blades (314 Kb di doc)

Author: Christopher A. Brooks

Swords, swords, swords. of every type and every dimension.

Net Trap Book (12,4 Kb di txt)

A small comendium of traps and pits!

The Great Netbook of Undead (144 Kb di doc)

A collection of all the undeads in the manuals and in the net.



Files Midi



Floor Tile

If you want to draw dungeons with TTfonts.

Ultima Runes

These are runic types from ultima online..


tons of araldic symbols

Lunghezza: 29.9 Kb , ttf


again symbols and motives

Lunghezza: 81.1 Kb , ttf


futhark runes


As Runes

ancient anglo-saxon runes



Indian idioms


Cirth (Erebor)

Middle Earth runes



georgian types

lunghezza 69 Kb, ttf


this is a collection af types (fonetics and hyerogliphicss)


Ogham (Beth Louis Nion)

Ogham runes



sanskrit types


Tengwar (Noldor)

Middle Earth runes


Tengwar (Quenya)

idem (Quenya version)


Tengwar (Sindarin)

idem (Sindarin variant)




Useful Programs

Now it's possible to download some libraries that could be necessary for the programs to work: vbrun100 ; vbrun200 ; vbrun300 ; msvbvm50 ; msvbvm60 . You have to exstract them in the directory WINDOWS\SYSTEM.

EBON v 2.1 di Sami Pyörre

The Everchanging Book of Names, a casual generator of names

Meteo di ???

A generator of wheather. it works in DOS

Wilderness Mapper

hex map creator

Dungeon Maker

random dungeons

Winitem di Tal Barkley

all the items in a hand with this program

World Generator di John Olsson - SITO

A fractal generator of worlds. the result is a GIF file.

Guild generator di iz software (839Kb)

This is a Guid generator, complete of all the statistics.

Taverns genarator di iz software (23 Kb)

A random generator of inns and taverns

Village generator di iz software (301 Kb)

Village random generator.

Hexmapper di Arr Kelaan (2,54 Mb)

hex map creator, with the possibility of exporting in variuos formats

Priest Spell Editor di Ema (124 Kb)

An editor of priest spells of every deity present in the world of AD&D. You can insert your own..

Spellview di Tal Barkey (1,58 Mb)

A giga archive of spells from the net. yao have all in the monitor of your computer.

Room generator di iz software (57,7 Kb)

This is a random generator for the content of every room in the dungeon





GRAYHAWK deities (33 KB of RTF)

These are the Powers of Grayhawk


LEGENDS & LORE deities (266 Kb, doc)

This is a rich excursus about the deities (reals or not) present in all the mithologies of the planet


DRAGONLANCE deities(11 Kb, doc)

The deities of Dragonlance as explained in Dragonlance Adventures of Tracy Hockman e Margaret Weis ( 2021 module).


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